Plus1 Perspective

Expand your vision to explore different dating opportunities.

You’ve been viewing life and dating opportunities from your perspective for a pretty long time now and we think it’s time to expand your vision to include alternative viewpoints so you can notice, consider and explore dating opportunities you might have otherwise missed.

Plus1 Perspective is a four step process that provides you with the tools you need to shift your current dating perspective and approach the search for your soulmate in a new and more productive way.

Each step contains a short content video from Aleeza Ben Shalom explaining the overall concept, along with a fillable worksheet for you to complete.

This course runs from Sunday, February 23rd through Wednesday, February 26th.

Each day you will receive an email reminder along with a direct link to that day’s content in the membership area of Daters Academy.

Enrollment for Plus1 Perspective will open on Sunday, February 2nd, 2020.

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