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Five Date Challenge

Discover clarity and confidence in your dating life today!

Receive invaluable advice and guidance from experts in the dating field, helping you navigate the complexities of modern dating with confidence.

Experience a transformative approach to dating with our unique 5-step method designed to bring clarity and ease to your relationships.

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Dating Detox

Are you feeling burnt out and frustrated with dating?

Do you feel like you keep meeting the wrong people?

And when you do think that you’ve finally met the right person, things just didn’t work out?

Dating Detox is an online program that takes you through the steps to get you out of that frustrated funk and put you back on the path to attracting quality dates in an energized and confident manner.

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Mystery In Your History

Are you meeting all the right matchmakers, on all the right dating apps, dating all the right kinds of people… but not finding your person?

It’s time for you to discover a potential date from your past even when you think there’s no one there!

Mystery In Your History is a four step process that will help you uncover the already existing potential dates that are just waiting to be discovered.

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40 Days of Connection

Bridge the gap between the way you desire to connect and how you are currently connecting and connect in a deeper, more intimate way.

Manifest the relationship that you desire with God, yourself, and your (future) soulmate.

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Soulmate Clarity

Are you uncertain whether the person you’re dating is The One?

Do you want clarity around whether to build a life together or move on?

Our Soulmate Clarity Program combines one-on-one dating coaching with our proprietary methodology for getting clarity on your future.

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Mentors Academy for Coaches and Matchmakers

Discover the tools you need to help singles navigate the dating process with Coaches Academy.

Learn how to more effectively manage the shidduchim you are involved in with Shadchan Academy.

Join Mentors Academy, the gold-standard course for taking your dating coaching and matchmaking training to the next level, so that you can more effectively manage the matches you’re involved in.

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