Dating Detox 2.0

Dating Detox 2.0


Are you feeling burnt out and frustrated with dating?


Do you feel like you keep meeting the wrong people?


And on the odd occasion when you thought you met the right person, things just didn’t work out?


If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, you’re not alone!

So many single individuals that I’ve spoken to recently have expressed these frustrations with dating, and I couldn’t just listen to all that and brush it off.

So Dating Detox was born.

Dating Detox will provide you with the tools you need to reclaim your confidence and help you attract quality dates.

This eight day online program will take you through five steps you can implement to get you out of that frustrated funk and put you back on the path to attracting quality dates in an energized and confident manner. 

Dating Detox was first launched Rosh haShanah time, as the New Year is an ideal time to reflect on your previous year of dating, determine what worked and what didn’t, and come up with a plan to get you back on track for the upcoming year.

You will therefore hear me reference the “New Year” multiple times throughout this program and about it being an auspicious time to work on your dating plan. 

With that said, you may know that according to the Jewish perspective we actually have multiple “New Years” throughout a single given year:

1. Rosh Hashanah, “the head of the year,” represents the the creation of the world, and more specifically, day that Adam & Eve were formed, and the day on which every man and woman is judged.

2. Tu b’Shvat is most commonly known as the “New Year for the Trees,” as it is taught that the trees are judged on this day to determine the fruit it’ll bear for the upcoming year.

3. The first of Nissan which corresponds to the season of the redemption from Egypt and the birth of the Jewish nation, and we count the Jewish months beginning with Nissan.

4. The first of Elul is the new year for the tithing of cattle.

I share this with you, because I believe there is more than one season for renewal, and Dating Detox 2.0 can be relevant at multiple times throughout the year.

And of course, any time YOU make the decision to focus on yourself and your growth, that is a new beginning for you.

Basically, what I’m saying is that while I reference “the New Year” in the Dating Detox videos, the program is timeless.

Aleeza Ben Shalom




What you will receive:

– A daily email for the duration of eight days.

– A fillable action plan to guide you through the 5 steps to attracting quality dates.

– A daily 3-5 minute pre recorded video by Aleeza for you to watch at your convenience, anytime.

What you will need:

– An open mind.

– A desire to make a realistic plan for the new year that will help you find someone wonderful.

– 15-minutes daily to do the worksheet and plan for your future. (you pick the time)



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Q How much is Dating Detox 2.0?

Dating Detox 2.0 is a one time fee of $99.


Q Will all the content be available at once?

No. Dating Detox 2.0 is an eight day program, and we don’t want you to be overwhelmed by having access to all the content at once.

Therefore, you will receive access to the content one day at a time.


Q When do I need to complete Dating Detox 2.0 by?

While Dating Detox 2.0 is an eight day program, you have unlimited access to the courses, so you are your own timekeeper. We recommend completing the course over eight days, but it’s totally ok if you take your time with them and finish the program over an extended period of time. 

You will be able to come back and review the courses whenever you’d like. 


Q Have a question we didn’t address?

No problem. Just send us an email at and we will do our best to get back to you within 24 hours.


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