Daters Academy

Tired of dating the wrong people over and over?

I know I was.

For a long time I thought I might just not get married. 

I was in the process of getting comfortable with myself when I realized I was going about this all wrong:

– I wanted to believe that my ideal husband existed… but I didn’t really believe it in my heart of hearts.

– I kind of knew I wanted to get married at some point, but I hadn’t committed to the process.

– I was more dating-minded than I was marriage-minded. Meaning, I was on the lookout for dates in general, rather than focused on finding the right kind of person to date with the potential for marriage. 

– I needed some way to share with others who I was, but I didn’t know how to do that in a way that properly portrayed what I was trying to convey. 

– I wanted to express what kind of man I was looking for, but found myself telling different people different things without a clear vision of what I wanted and needed in a life partner.

– Basically, I was trying to search for my soulmate without doing the prerequisite preparation to ensure that it was actually an effective process.

When I realized all this, I changed my approach. I made a commitment to the dating-for-marriage process and adapted the action steps I was taking to support my goal.

Daters Academy is the result of my personal experience, as well as working with hundreds of men and women over the last decade, helping them find clarity in who they are and what they’re looking for, seeing what worked and what didn’t, and developing the ideal approach for preparing yourself to find your soulmate.

Daters Academy contains practical guidance on how to accurately express to others who you are and what you’re looking for (The Perfect Profile, Soulmate Summary, Online Overhaul), a step-by-step process to reevaluating potential dates in your past (Mystery In Your History), and a mindset shift that opens your eyes to your soulmate (Plus1 Perspective).

May 2020 be the year you find your soulmate, Aleeza Ben Shalom

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The Perfect Profile

A dating profile is the most common form of sharing your personal information to potential dates and/or those setting you up on dates. It should therefore convey who you are and what you’re looking for, in a way that stands out from the crowd and is easily distinguishable as uniquely yours. Let’s take your profile from “good enough” to “The Perfect Profile.” 

Soulmate Summary

“What are you looking for?” is the most common, oft-dreaded question that singles get from well-meaning friends, family, and yes, even strangers. The good news is that you CAN use this question to your advantage and have a concise and detailed response you can easily articulate in any situation, because the truth is you never know who might know your soulmate. 

Online Overhaul

Living in the 21st century, the first thing one does when suggested a match is… Google them! That includes you. Giving your online presence an overhaul is the best way to ensure that what others see properly represents you and the vision you want others to have of you.

Mystery In Your History

You’re going on dates, finding potential matches online, and allowing yourself to be set up by friends and matchmakers, but you feel like you’ve dated them all. Well, all the normal ones at least. Which means… it’s time to find the Mystery In Your History. Let us help you uncover the perfect date that’s been off your radar for so long. It’s time to bring them back.

Plus1 Perspective

You’ve been viewing life and dating opportunities from your perspective for a pretty long time now and we think it’s time to expand your vision to include alternative viewpoints so you can notice, consider and explore dating opportunities you might have otherwise missed.

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Q How much is Daters Academy?

Daters Academy is a one time fee of $297.

This price includes unlimited access to ALL five courses.

Q When do I need to complete the courses by?

You have unlimited access to the courses, so you are your own timekeeper. We recommend completing one course per week, but it’s totally ok if you fly through them more quickly, or you take your time with them. 

You will be able to come back and review the courses whenever you’d like. 

Your one time fee of $297 allows for unlimited access once you join Daters Academy.

Q Is there a specific order to the courses?

The short answer is yes and no. 

The longer answer is that it really depends on you. We recommend completing the courses in the following order:

1. The Perfect Profile

2. Soulmate Summary

3. Online Overhaul

4. Mystery In Your History

5. Plus1 Perspective

We believe that this suggested order makes for the ideal process in preparing to find your soulmate.

With that said, if you believe, for example, that you already have the Perfect Profile (we suggest watching the videos first just to make sure) but know that your online presence is a mess, then you’re certainly welcome to get started with that one first. Or, if you’re currently struggling with mindset right now, beginning with the Plus1 Perspective wouldn’t be a bad idea.

If you have no strong feelings about this however, we’d say stick to the recommended course order and just work your way through them one by one. 

Q Have a question we didn’t address?

No problem. Just send us an email at and we will do our best to get back to you within 24 hours.