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September 5, 2012


Ah, dating. There can be so many voices involved. Everyone seems to have an opinion, and sometimes it’s hard to know who to listen to. But what about the voice inside your head…are you listening to that one?

It might not always be as obvious as this cartoon, but often times we have that nagging voice telling us that something’s not quite right. Maybe the way he’s treating the waiter makes you cringe a little, or maybe the way she talks about her family makes you squirm. But sometimes it’s not even something you can put your finger on…it’s just an uncomfortable feeling you get when you’re around them. And vague feelings aren’t something to base important decisions off of, right? But even when we can’t articulate exactly what the problem is, the voice just won’t listen to reason and go away! And it’s a good thing it doesn’t: that voice of instinct has been watching our world and whispering clues to us since we were kids. It’s trying to protect us, and may be right.

So if you have a strong gut feeling about the one in front of you – good or bad – it’s probably a good idea to investigate that voice. Trust yourself and try to articulate what your inner voice is expressing. After all, there isn’t anyone out there who knows you better!

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