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Live passionately… but how?


October 7, 2013

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Are you living vibrantly? What are your passions? Are you following your dreams?

Today, on Jewish Talk Radio, I interviewed Danielle Selber of Tribe 12 Fellowship and Addie Lewis Klein of My Chosen One.

We fleshed out what it means to live vibrantly, and how that makes you more attractive. In addition, you’ll get some great information about local resources in the greater Philly area, and world wide information for entrepreneurs.

What does all this have to do with dating, listen in as Addie and Danielle give their expert advice. Oh, and I’ll give you my opinion too!

Click here: Marriage Minded Mentor with Danielle Selber and Addie Lewis Klein 10-02-2013

Do you have an idea for a radio show? Want to be a guest? Send me a message.

Helping you get over your hurdles and under the chuppah,

Your Marriage Minded Mentor,

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