Think outside the box – Date Day

Our close friends have a weekly date night. Date night sounds like a great idea…when you’re dating. But when married with cuties running around the house, it sounds more like a chore – one more thing on the already long evening to-do list. That is, until I discovered what I call “date day,” which is simply date night at a time when we are both alert and excited to spend time together. My husband and I are both self-employed, which frees us up at unusual times of the day.
Right now we are just “practicing” having our date days. So far we’ve run a few errands, gone shoe shopping, and even gone to the barber shop together! While our youngest slept in his portable car seat we schmoozed, watched an old world barber shop altercation, and saw a young child getting his hair cut as his sleeping head bobbed – too cute. We didn’t mind waiting for my husband’s favorite barber since we had time to spend with each other and no other plans to rush off to. It was refreshing to spend the day together, and surprisingly fun for a trip to the barber.
Whether dating during the day or at night, think about your life, your schedule, when you are more awake and alive – and date outside the box. Ever thought about going for a 6AM coffee and walk in the park before work? How about a mid-day picnic lunch? Come on, it’s not that crazy. Why do you have to be restricted to date nights? Go ahead, have fun, plan a mid-week date day! Let me know how it goes…



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