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The Hidden Path with Yisroel


October 31, 2013

Talk Radio

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Today on Jewish Talk Radio I interviewed Yisroel Juskowitz, author of The Hidden PathThe book release was earlier this week. Not only does Yisroel tell us about his first book, but he enlightens the listeners with some dating tips. Tune in to today’s show to learn more about not only The Hidden Path, but YOUR hidden path!

Click here to listen to Aleeza’s interview with Yisroel 10/30/13

Here’s more about Yisroel’s book:
The Hidden Path is an exhilarating and extraordinary journey of the mind, body, and soul from critically acclaimed musician and artist Yisroel Juskowitz. In it, many of the most important concepts in Judaism are explored; from the Sabbath, to the Land of Israel, to Prayer, Torah, and Redemption. It also contains chapters on many of life’s biggest issues; from Love, to Creativity, to Suffering, and Health. Anyone looking to lead a happier and more meaningful life will find comfort and insight in the volume from one of the most creative imaginations in the Jewish world today. Also by Yisroel Juskowitz: the popular debut album “The Narrow Bridge.”

“A book that masterfully pulls together the most inspirational, understandable and accessible wisdom on some of the most important foundation concepts of Judaism. Throughout the book, Yisroel Juskowicz’s love of G-d bursts forth on every page, lifting the reader into chapter after chapter, always wanting more.”
-Lori Palatnik, author, international speaker, Founding Director of The Jewish Women’s Renaissance Project


“Yisroel’s book is full of great stories, insights and ideas designed to help its reader better appreciate Judaism and a connection to Hashem.”
-Charlie Harary, Esq. world renowned speaker, radio show Host ”


“Yisroel Juskowitz is an artist and musician. He has succeeded in making music and art out of the fundamental principles of Yiddishkeit. “The Hidden Path” is an inspiring introduction to the beauty of being a Jew.” -Rabbi Moshe Weinberger


“Through heartfelt stories and meaningful parables, Yisroel empowers his readers to reach their unlimited potential. This inspiring book is written for anyone looking to deepen their relationship with G-d and themselves.”
–Aleeza Ben Shalom, the Marriage Minded Mentor, author of Get Real Get Married

Buy your copy today on amazon, click here.


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Helping you get over your hurdles and under the chuppah,

Your Marriage Minded Mentor,

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