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What you think isn’t what you thought


May 31, 2012


How is it that we have one thought one day and the very next day we have a different thought altogether? One day we imagine our dream wedding with the person we’re dating and the next day we can’t possibly imagine spending another moment in their presence. Are we unstable? Which thought is real? How […]

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Clear vision a gift from above


April 3, 2012

Success Stories

Unique wisdom from a forwarded email. What is being forwarded your way that you haven’t noticed? A young blind woman was looking to get married, but having a hard time finding a man who accepted her. Finally she found a man who fell madly in love with her, married her and took very good care […]

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Matchmakers’ new game: Give clients a redo


April 2, 2012

In the News

The Daily News gets a taste of Marriage Minded Mentoring! Check out the article at          

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