Get Real, Get Married!



August 27, 2017


It’s not an actual new situation my coaching clients want or need. It’s sometimes their view that needs to change. This piece of advice isn’t just for dating it’s for life. However, in dating I find it to be so important. Gaining a new perspective can change a situation entirely. Is there something in your […]

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Dating Wisdom


August 24, 2017

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Some clients have asked if they can move things along faster when dating. You can only go as fast as the relationship can handle. And remember, time will grow your relationship. Time compounded over days, weeks and months will add up and it will allow your love to change and grow. Don’t rush the moments. […]

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From confusion to clarity


August 22, 2017


Hey, all you Moms out there, here’s a reason to stay involved with your children in dating. I had a call from a mother recently who wanted her daughter to work with me. That usually means the child isn’t exactly on board with coaching. The girl was sweet, not excited but ok to work with […]

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