Old flames can sometimes burn twice!

We’re all busy with the present, but sometimes the past also needs some attention. A relationship that went strong for a while and then burned out might sound pretty familiar to you. If it does, then wondering whether it could have worked out might also be a familiar feeling…and possibly a confusing and annoying one. Where do old flames belong? Is it possible one might be your spouse? Or should they all just be evicted from your thoughts?

Here’s a checklist for examining past relationships in a constructive way:
Revisit people from the past (or maybe even people you passed up in the past), and sort them into one of two categories: To look into more closely, or To be done with permanently.

For those that made it onto the first list, the ones you’re still unsure of – follow up with them. Time to go get some clarity! It could be just a phone call away.

And the ones from that second list, the ones you know won’t work? Forget about them. Trust yourself to find the right one for YOU, and let go of the rest because old flames can sometimes burn twice!

“Great!’ you say, ‘Now I have a system for stepping back into the past. But how do I make sure I don’t get stuck there?’ I would say, try to keep these reevaluations to about every six months. That way you’ve still got plenty of time for your present…and any new flames that might be waiting for you.



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