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May 31, 2013

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On this show Bracha shares with us how to bridge the gap, that is, the relationship gap between ourselves and others in our lives. She gives us a number of great tips and tools for success.

Listen to the replay below:

Marriage Minded Mentor with Aleeza and Bracha Melzer 5-29-2013

Bio for Bracha-Marjorie Melzer

Bracha-Marjorie Melzer was born in Dublin, Ireland.  She has lived there as well as in England and Israel and currently resides in Brooklyn, NY with her husband, Shloima.  She is a Life Coach with dual certification from The Coaches Training Institute and the International Coach Federation.  BrachaMarjorie helps people overcome self-imposed limitations through her company, T.C.L. Coaching Inc. – Take Charge of Your Life.

Her work experience in Europe and the United States has been in government and with non-profits where she has held supervisory positions including most recently, as the New York City Housing Authority’s Deputy Chief of Staff Relations.

Bracha-Marjorie’s personal history and “people skills” led her to choose Life Coaching as a career.  Having a special affinity for older singles, stepparents, divorcees, widows and retirees, she is particularly well suited to help people in these, often stressful, circumstances.  Bracha-Marjorie has developed the popular “Greening Your Marriage” four-session workshop aimed at showing married couples how they can revitalize their relationships.

Bracha-Marjorie’s thriving coaching practice, her motivational speaking engagements and her workshops consume most of her time.

With all that, she is a volunteer for:

Advocate and Group Leader for   Sister-to-Sister organization – a support network for single mothers with children keeping a steady pulse on her group. Apart from providing encouragement and support she helps network regarding resources and programs.

Parent Coach for TOSHIA, a local community organization, which provides individual coaching to distressed parents – she works with parents, teachers and professionals to help children succeed in school and other areas.

Hotline Responder for SPARKS, a volunteer organization that serves postpartum women and their families, she identifies callers’ needs, and may refer them to other professionals or coach them on the telephone.

With what little down time remains Bracha Marjorie enjoys kayaking, gardening, photography, music, reading and writing.

For a complimentary relationship discovery session please contact Bracha Marjorie
718-252-5933 or
Bracha Marjorie Melzer, CPCC, ACC
Certified Professional Life Coach
TCL Coaching, Inc.
Take Charge of Your Life™
Begin now and take yourself from where you don’t want to be to where you do.

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