Judaism, relationships and hang gliding? With Reb Mottle

Judaism, relationships and hang gliding?

What do those three things have in common? You’ll have to listen in to find out. My guest today was Reb Mottle. He called in from the hills in Judea.

Click here to listen to the replay: Marriage Minded Mentor.mp3 Reb Mottle 10/16/13

Here’s a little more about Reb Mottle and how you can find him:

Rabbi Mottle Wolfe is Director of Communications for Mizrachi Olami, The World Religious Zionist movement. Formally he was the executive director of Inward Bound, as well as a senior lecturer for Isralight.

Rav Mottle is a world renown Jewish educator, as well as a talented musician and storyteller. He and his wife Batya host the super popular podcast, Stuff Jews Should Know.  Rav Mottle’s passion for Jewish Mysticism, joyful, and experiential Judaism has made him a sought after speaker around the world.

He lives in the Hills of Judea, in the Jewish village of Tekoa, with Batya and their children.

Upcoming awesome event: Tuesday night October 29th Rav Mottle and Jeremy Gimpel will Stand up for israel in Manhattan. A night of Stand Up Comedy. Hilarious fun and Israel inspiration with Top TV Comedians.

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