Get Real, Get Married!
Shadchan Academy
Over the course of Shadchan Academy, you will learn how to more effectively manage the shidduchim you are involved in, while learning from, supporting and being supported by your peers. How does the program work? Each week a new session will be available on You will have access to an audio file, worksheet and a link to the homework form. You have a week to listen to the audio, review the worksheet and submit your homework. There is a What’s App group available for you to join to discuss the program as well as receive support you in making shidduchim. We will send you access to that group. Shadchan Academy will help you go from being a shadchan to being a shidduch manager.  
Marriage Minded Mentor Academy
Eager to get started? Want the whole package? The Professional Academy gives you access to both Coaches Academy and Shadchan Academy.
Coaches Academy
This program is for the person who wants start their own business (or already has one), is considering (or already) working for a non profit, or for someone who wants more knowledge and information to help others. Whether you want to earn a living or just want to do a chessed this course will teach you the in's and out's of dating, relationships and business.