Engaged, finally!


From my personal experience and perhaps anecdotal evidence from several years on the New York dating scene, it seems that young men these days do not have issues meeting quality marriage-minded women. The problem is that these men, especially older men who have been dating for many years, have a hard time progressing from Date 1 to the chuppah. Seemingly, a date that by all external indicators seems appropriate does not work out. The reason is simple – a couple that has never been married does not know how to get to the chuppah! As someone who has never been married before and has never gone the entire way from Date 1 to the chuppah, I did not know what to expect as the dating progressed and needed external objective help in establishing reasonable expectations for each stage of dating and setting priorities in resolving issues that inevitably come up. Aleeza helps individuals gain clarity during the dating process and add the necessary structure and much-needed formality to the dating experience. I truly feel that in our generation it is almost a necessity to have access to someone who knows and understands you well, is passionate about working with marriage-minded singles, and has the experience of having helped countless couples get to the chuppah.




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