Does Dennis Prager Agree?


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While driving home from a video recording session I was listening to Dennis Prager. On his “Happiness Hour” he started talking about relationships. Of course I have advice and wisdom to share on that topic, so I called in. Of course my call was dropped, but persistence pays. I called back until I got back on the line and was live with Dennis. I’m happy to report Dennis agreed with my advice. Take a listen to the clip. Let me know your thoughts. Comment below and let me know if you agree or what wisdom you would have offered had you called in.
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One thought on “Does Dennis Prager Agree?

  1. Limda Norton says:

    Great job!! Absolutely, do you feel lifted up or put down. Happy or hurt? Do you like who you are when your with that person? Do you feel yourself sming and laughing when interacting with them? How do you like their family? Do they speak your love language? Do you have shared interest and values with them?

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