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Clear vision a gift from above


April 3, 2012

Success Stories

Unique wisdom from a forwarded
email. What is being forwarded your
way that you haven’t noticed?

A young blind woman was looking to get
married, but having a hard time finding
a man who accepted her. Finally she
found a man who fell madly in love with
her, married her and took very good care
of her. One day he heard about a doctor
who performed eye transplants, and managed
to get his wife on a wait list. The only
problem was that the wait was twenty years.
He saw his wife was brokenhearted.

A month later, the man runs into the house
exclaiming, “It’s a miracle -You’re next!
They found a donor for you!”

Just before the operation, the man turned to
his wife and said.“I have to tell you something.
I’m also blind. I never wanted you to know
because I never wanted you to pity me. But
I’m telling you now because I didn’t want you
to be shocked once you get your sight.”

The surgery was successful, and for the first
time in her life she saw light, colors, and people.
She saw her blind husband, and she told herself
that after all those years of being taken care of,
she would now take care of him. But in her eagerness
to see the world and experience all of the things
she had never been able to do before, she began to
resent her blind husband who could not participate.
Finally she told him that she wanted a divorce.
When she came home that night, he had packed and
gone, leaving a letter for her: “My dear wife,
I have always really and truly loved you. I respect
your decision to leave me…but I have one favor to
ask you. Take care of those eyes, because not long ago
they were mine.”

We too were given eyes that don’t really belong to us.
It is our job to take care of them and use them well.
What do we do with our eyes? Do we see good in our
lives? Do we see pain? Remember that the ONE above
gave us our “eyes” – and is counting on us to use them
wisely. What gifts do you see in the present? What were
you showered with today?

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