Get Real, Get Married!

Does Dennis Prager Agree?

While driving home from I was listening to Dennis Prager. On his “Happiness Hour” he started talking about relationships. Of course I have advice and wisdom to share on that topic, so I called in.

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Straight E-mail Talk

[Editors Note: Names have been changed to protect everyone except Aleeza. :)] From: Aleeza Sent: Friday, July 27, 2012 11:55 AM To: Doeberg, Jon Subject: Hi Stranger Hi Jon, I was speaking with a client and thought of you. He just started dating a woman that he dated over a year ago. So far so […]

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Old flames can sometimes burn twice!

We’re all busy with the present, but sometimes the past also needs some attention. A relationship that went strong for a while and then burned out might sound pretty familiar to you. If it does, then wondering whether it could have worked out might also be a familiar feeling…and possibly a confusing and annoying one. […]

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