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Oh, how cute! But let’s just pop out those brown eyes and swap them with the blue ones. And the blonde is OK, but do we have some brown hair we could use instead? What about the ears – do […]

Who in your world is voting in the election of your spouse? Is it parents? Siblings? Neighbors? Friends? There are many people in our worlds who have a contributing voice in the choices we make. This can be an amazing […]

Are you feeling out of order? Maybe a little broken? Do you just want a little “free time” to sort yourself out? Take it! We all need a break sometimes, but in today’s world it has become so much harder […]

Ah, dating. There can be so many voices involved. Everyone seems to have an opinion, and sometimes it’s hard to know who to listen to. But what about the voice inside your head…are you listening to that one? It might […]

Our close friends have a weekly date night. Date night sounds like a great idea…when you’re dating. But when married with cuties running around the house, it sounds more like a chore – one more thing on the already long […]