Get Real, Get Married!

Should I Cut My Losses?

We have different backgrounds and lack depth in our relationship? Should I take things further? How?   Dear Aleeza, I’ve been dating someone for about three months. On our latest date, I felt disconnected and withdrawn from her on the date. In general, we have a decent connection, but today was different. The date wasn’t […]

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Dating Profile Tips

Dating Profile Tips #The best dating profile I ever read. Original content written for Matchmakers read thousands of profiles, and it’s a real challenge to get yours to stand out. It’s also difficult to differentiate your unique traits from the multitude of those searching for their soul mates on dating websites. Let’s examine the following […]

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Straight E-mail Talk

[Editors Note: Names have been changed to protect everyone except Aleeza. :)] From: Aleeza Sent: Friday, July 27, 2012 11:55 AM To: Doeberg, Jon Subject: Hi Stranger Hi Jon, I was speaking with a client and thought of you. He just started dating a woman that he dated over a year ago. So far so […]

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Plan for a Miracle


December 10, 2012

About Aleeza, Dating

When I was in my mid 20’s, I was a little adrift in the world. I didn’t have strong career aspirations. I was looking for the meaning of life, but hadn’t found it yet. I knew that I wanted to get married and have a family, but I didn’t have any vision of how I […]

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Old flames can sometimes burn twice!

We’re all busy with the present, but sometimes the past also needs some attention. A relationship that went strong for a while and then burned out might sound pretty familiar to you. If it does, then wondering whether it could have worked out might also be a familiar feeling…and possibly a confusing and annoying one. […]

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